About Us


Who is Selva Eyewear?


Selva Eyewear started from our director Sarah Selvadurai’s personal experience with glasses. Having been short sighted since a young age, and then working in the industry for over a decade, she decided to create something classic, timeless that would be locally designed and beautify handmade.  


Selva's Team

An unstoppable team, helping Sarah bring her eyewear brand to life has been her talented husband Nick Selvadurai. Nick brings the technical/ practical side, helping with the design process and providing knowledge and support for our great products. 


Our Manufactures

We wanted to create products we were proud of and would wear ourselves. We knew our production would be small but we also wanted quality. After researching many we settled on a family run manufacturer in a small prefecture of Fukui, Japan. They continue to practices traditional techniques and finish all products by hand. Making our frames

100% Handmade in Japan.